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CE Mark for the PCR kits

AO Vector-Best has signed an EC Declaration of Conformity for several PCR kits 

D-2148 RealBest DNA HHV-8 (Set 1) 
D-2153 RealBest DNA HHV-6 (quantification is possible) (Set 1) 
D-3813 RealBest-Genetics UGT1A1 
D-3836 RealBest-Genetics HLA-B*27 
D-4205 RealBest Lactonorm (Set 1)
D-4207 RealBest DNA Gardnerella vaginalis/Atopobium vaginae (Set 1)
D-4212 RealBest DNA Prevotella species/Leptotrichia amnionii group (Set 1)
D-4228 RealBest DNA Streptococcus agalactiae (Set 1)
D-5586 RealBest DNA Bordetella species/Bordetella pertussis/Bordetella bronchiseptica (Set 1)