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New reagent kits RealBest-Genetics NBS1 and RealBest-Genetics CHEK2

Vector-Best offers kits for the determination of mutations associated with breast cancer and ovarian cancer using real-time PCR with the detection of melting curves:

Cat. No. Kit name Format Number of tests

RealBest-Genetics BRCA (BRCA1 185delAG/3875del4)

Gene: polymorphism - BRCA1: 185delAG; 3875del4

Str 48

RealBest-Genetics BRCA (BRCA1 3819del5/T300G)

Gene: polymorphism - BRCA1: 3819del5; T300G

Str 48

RealBest-Genetics BRCA (BRCA1 2080delA(insA)/BRCA2 6174delT)

Gene: polymorphism - BRCA1: 2080delA (insA); BRCA2: 6174delT

Str 48

RealBest-Genetics BRCA (BRCA1 4153delA/5382insC)

Gene: polymorphism - BRCA1: 4153delA; 5382insC

Str 48

RealBest-Genetics NBS1

Gene: polymorphism - NBS1: 657del5

Str 48

RealBest-Genetics CHEK2

Gene: polymorphism - CHEK2: 1100delC; IVS2+1G>A

Str 48

Features of kits

  • Kits contain the lyophilized ready-to-use PCR Master Mix into 0.2 ml PCR tubes
  • The appropriate samples for analysis are whole blood and buccal epithelium
  • Multiplex PCR assay allows to detect two mutations in one test tube
  • Universal and rapid amplification protocol for all kits
  • The kits are designed for CFX96 (Bio-Rad, USA) and DT-96 (DNA-Technology, Russia)
  • High stability of the kits, no freezing required
  • Transportation at room temperature is allowed