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About Vector-Best

Established in 1991, Vector-Best is now the leading Russian manufacturer of ELISA and real-time PCR kits for Public Health. The Company produces more than 600 different products — diagnostic kits for HIV, viral hepatitides, sexually transmitted infections (STI), TORCH and herpesvirus infections, tick-borne and zoonotic diseases, helminthiases, tuberculosis, anemia, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular diseases. Our product range includes kits for the detection of tumor markers and acute-phase proteins, for the quantification of hormones and cytokines. The Company has a great experience in the production of diagnostic kits, mostly based on in-house developed technologies.


We believe that the principal road to success is continuous improvement!

Today Vector-Best is

  • 20 000 m2 of manufacturing area
  • more than 800 employees
  • 100 000 kits per month
  • more than 600 names of diagnostic kits
  • 8 representative offices in Russia and a wide range of distributors in many countries

Diagnostic kits for ELISA

Today, Vector-Best produces more than 400 kits for ELISA diagnostics. Recombinant antigens, polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, hybridoma cultures are produced in our own laboratories.

Diagnostic kits for real-time PCR

The proprietary development allows us to turn the procedure of real-time PCR analysis from a complicated process, requiring extensive specialized knowledge and practical experience, into a standardized, simple and readily reproducible procedure.